Frequently Asked Questions

Click on My Profile.

Click on Edit Personal Information.

Once changed, click Update.

Once you have logged in, click on Learner Transcripts.

Launch a module and click on Topic Transcripts.

Click on Course Transcripts.

Click on Print.

Please ensure your pop-up blocker on your internet browser is switched off. Once you have launched a module, an additional tab will open.

Launch a module and click on Mentor to speak to an industry expert. Alternatively, you may send an email to

Go to the Google Play Store or App Store and download the Skillsoft App onto your tablet or smart phone.

Once launched, enter ITA2 under the Skillport Name.

Click Next.

Type in your unique Username and Password issued by Optimi College’s IT Academy.

Please ensure you obtain 70% and above for each module and test prep. You should see a solid green dot to the right of each module. Please email after completing a course for verification. Certificates are sent electronically in PDF format upon request.

International exams can be taken either at a Pearson Vue Testing Centre in South Africa or online, depending on the specific requirements and availability.

As a CompTIA partner, Optimi College offers discounted exam vouchers exclusively for CompTIA exams. These vouchers are available only to active students who have completed the corresponding course with Optimi College.

Should you have any questions regarding exams or need assistance with the booking process, please contact an advisor in the exams department by sending an email to

Yes. You can turn the audio off at any time by clicking  on the Turn Off Audio button which is located in the bottom navigation bar. You can turn it back on by clicking the same button again. In doing so, closed captioning should automatically activate if the words for that page are not within the slide already.

In the Skillsoft Course Player, clicking the Exit button invokes the Place in Course Indicator. Later, when you return to the course, you are given the option to begin where you left off. This also applies when leaving a page to visit the Progress & Tests section.

Click on the Place in Course Indicator which is located in the bottom middle on the navigation bar to return to your last place viewed in the course.

The completion requirements for your course(s) are determined by your training administrator. You can view both completed and started courses in your Learner Transcript.

Please ensure that you have a solid green dot to the right of each module to obtain your Optimi College Course Completion Certificate.

All of our training is completed online through our learning platform delivered by Skillsoft. This means you have round-the-clock access to training no matter where you are. Note that you do need a computer with internet access to begin the training.

You can view your course progress by clicking Learner Transcript. From there, click on the specific course title to open the Learner Records Progress Report which will provide a per lesson breakdown of the scores achieved.

Learners have a 12-month subscription to complete their course, allowing for flexibility and individual pacing. The study duration of any course can vary widely, depending on the specific content and the learner’s dedication to their studies. Some courses may also include practice labs, which could affect the time required to complete the course.

Yes! If you’re struggling with any technical issues, please email or call 0861 663 663.

Alternatively, you may contact Skillsoft technical support directly. They are available 24/7.

Click on Register Now to start your course(s) immediately. Our team will issue you with your login details to start your course(s) today.

Our Support Team will be in contact with you shortly after you have received your login details to guide you through the platform.

Yes. Our learning platforms are Mac and PC friendly.

The availability of a payment plan may vary depending on the relevant course. Students should consult with an Educational Planner to discuss the specific payment options for their chosen course.

Exam fees are not included in the course fee. For details regarding exam vouchers and associated costs, please consult with an Educational Planner.

Certification can be a key to opening doors for interviews, setting you apart from others. Many students at Optimi College (formerly IT Academy) have leveraged their Course Completion Certificates, along with strong interview performance, to secure employment opportunities.

All our digital learning training courses are available online, with no classroom-based options for these specific courses. Some exams may be taken online, while others will require attendance at a nearby test centre.

To understand your specific options, please speak to an Educational Planner or Exams Advisor by contacting Optimi College on

Selected face-to-face courses are available on our campus in Bellville, Cape Town. Please consult with an Educational Planner to discuss the times and dates of these courses. For the e-learning courses, students can enrol at any time throughout the year, offering flexibility to suit individual schedules.

Our practice labs are available online, allowing you to access them from anywhere with ease. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection, and you can engage with the practice labs without leaving the comfort of your own home. It’s a convenient way to enhance your learning experience at any time that suits you.