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Do you want to invest in your future self but do not have the funding available upfront?

We’ve got you covered. Financing makes education more affordable by spreading the payments over a longer term.

What does Student Hero do?

Student Hero is South Africa’s leading student finance facilitation service, an initiative aimed at helping students be their future selves sooner.

IT Academy has partnered with Student Hero to help our applicants to learn about, apply and qualify for study funding.

Student Hero’s league of professionals ensure they provide holistic advice and creative solutions.

Plus, it’s free to use their services.

Apply for student financing through Student Hero

Applying for student financing through Student Hero is quick, easy, and stress-free.

Here’s why:

  • They provide everything you need in a single platform.
  • They assist with the application and administration process.
  • They partner with all major banks and credit providers, which increases the chance of your financing being approved.

Pursue your passion and study towards your dream career.

Apply for study finance today!